Easy to Use Cloud Call Center

Calltacular allows you to manage your phone system from the cloud, no matter how big or small.

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So many features, yet so simple

IVR Builder

Use our drag and drop editor to build your own call menus with prompts, queues, messages and more.

Automatic Call Routing (ACD)

Agents can log in to many Queues and have calls routed to them using advanced algorithms.

Order Entry

Control your call scripting and sales process from start to finish using our custom WYSIWYG editor.


Make use of Calltaculars advanced outbound dialing features. Ratio, Preview and Predictive.

Desk (Hard) Phone Support

Use our WebPhone or you can manage Hard Phones, like snom, Polycom, YeaLink and others.


'4 Digit Dialing'- Create extensions that forward to anything you want, including IVRs.

So many features, yet so simple Get Started for Free

More Sales and Higher Customer Satisfaction

Control your inbound and outbound sales process using our revolutionary Order Entry system. Included with it is our Sales and Call Quality Assurance functionality.

More control means more sales
Control your calls with dynamic scripting utilizing customer and agent information resulting in higher conversions.
Quality and Quantity
Don't choose one over the other, with our robust QA system, you can insure high-quality at high volume.

Whether you need a simple phone number that plays a message, or a robust phone and sales system for thousands of users, Calltacular is built for you

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Calltacular is the culmination of over a decade in cloud telephony

Simple Pricing
First Seat is FREE
$50/seat per month
$0.01/min Local Inbound
$0.025/min Toll-Free Inbound
$0.015/min Outbound
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Per Seat?
We charge per seat, which means cuncurrent users. Basically, how many people you want logged in at a time.
No Expensive hardware
Calltacular can be ran completely in your browser. No need for hard phones or other expenses.
Access Anywhere
Access Calltacular anywhere, on nearly any device. Remote and on-site agents blend together.
Easy Integrations
Use our Web-Hooks system along with our API's to extend functionality.
Don't plan on more than one person being logged in at a time? Great, that means you wont be paying for seats, only for minutes and phone numbers.